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3. Ha ha ha what a Examination , they've long gone around to open more Branches mainly because they are during the hurry to established additional traps. This may indicate with more retailers they may have more and more people of their pocket and much more Malaysian Ringgit…. GET Offended.

…kita sendiri boleh menilai mana yang betul dan mana yang x betul…jd saya nasihatkan x perlu la nk bergaduh sesama sendiri…nasi dah jadi bubur…jika kita be a part of jugak, maknanya kita berani ambil dan tanggung risiko, betul tak?…jd x perlu nk criticism banyak2…sendiri mau ingat…

My personalized opinion, let’s hold out till Monday but once again it’s approximately u. I haven’t carried out any law enforcement report however but I used to be explained to via the Inspector which they obtained several police reviews yesterday on your own. I think that is suffice adequate to have the legislation enforcers to operate on this situation.

Janji manis itu nyata mengaburi mata sesetengah pelabur sehingga ada yang sanggup berhenti kerja dan meminjam daripada ah extensive untuk membuka sehingga 30 akaun

When I went for the office yesterday, the signal over the door was they were closed coz the director’s brother passed away and will resume functions nowadays. But today, the server is down. Anyway, I’m heading there to see if they are open up right now. Will publish an update later on

If we don’t rise up and be counted today,we are indirectly Letting these ppl to tear OFF harmless individuals like YOU and me!!!

.i’m extremely guaranteed if this prob can resolve and coulomb again as standard,many people who find themselves invested Within this organization will go on as you?

I have wrote an email to Lender Negara to secure a clarification from them about to the above mentioned scheme, they informed me that any organization that take a $$ deposit from The client devoid of license, this enterprise are consider training an unlawful action and want to report back to Bank Negara immediately. “It’s all your decision” I just share my information to all of u.

for those who are invested income to coulomb,can u all quiet down for some time…Why don't you we wait n see what will transpires future week..we provide them with prospect right up until monday.. u determine what,if u continue to need to make BNM involve In this particular or make press also include,i dont Assume this prob can resolve properly…if this case nonetheless on likely,then we are able to start to make lodge report and make Malaysia understand that news.

Enable’s bring them to court and allow them to facial area the punishment for dishonest individuals’s hard earned funds.

my cousin dah masuk two tahun buat kerja nie and payment also excellent ..dia ada twenty five akau tak silap saya coz she's dwelling spouse. masuk sikit2 . Mula2 dua following dia dapat pulangan masuk lagi 3 tunggu samapi dapat pulangan dah deal with duit yang keluar utk sign up and masuk lagi u all akan tak rasa rugi coz dah cover duit sign-up u all. so following this kalau nak masuk i beri pendapat siapa yg berani tak danger buatlah macam tu so tak terkilan sangat and allow us to pray collectively hope absolutely nothing come about. And could be can ask for coulomb return back again your money yg tak nak masuk tu. I if diorang teruskan operasi spt biasa ..i nak teruskan tetapi sedikit2. I Berani sign up and berani tanggung. All of this mmg ada chance.

This easy stretch allows ease sciatica ache by loosening your gluteal and piriformis muscles, which may become inflamed and push against the sciatic nerve.

i only can pray now for everyone .. despite you might be malay, chinese or indian. i only know Malaysian are all great individuals and Are living harmony and try our best to survive within a peaceful Malaysia. is Erroneous to the Coulomb to give Erroneous hope to folks who would like to Stay an even better lifes. many thanks for that blog site master much too who initiate this web site. have been really helpful sources to Enable folks figure out the reality. And lastly, Permit PRAY For everybody WHO Make investments .. Might THEY GET THEIR MONEY BACK. reminder: Difficult Revenue Receive..

about UNI LIBRA VENTURES, most up-to-date news I do know this organization has been anchor brought on the courtroom over the 28th April 2010…

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